Venus Fly Trap as a Terrarium Plant

The Venus Fly Trap is one of the most popular terrarium plants. Famous for being one of the coolest carnivorous plants in the world, Venus Fly Traps do quite well in the terrarium environment. They grow relatively slowly, tolerate low light levels, and love humid environments. Surprisingly, they are often available at grocery stores and garden centers during the summer months, although you might have missed them as they tend to be extremely small when available in these locations, like the one pictured above. They’re often quite cheap when they are small and young, which also helps make them a great plant for DIY terrariums. At full grown size, they can create huge clusters and begin self-propagating. It’s always fun to see the tiny little plant you bring home from the store turn into a giant ravening beast πŸ˜‰ A cute one, though.

Caring for a Venus Fly Trap is actually fairly easy, but there are a couple of things that you should never do when caring for one (or for any other carnivorous plant): NEVER spring the traps by hand, as this can seriously damage the plant and the trap. Most individual traps only close a handful of times before they turn black and die, so it’s very important that they only close when they actually have prey trapped. Also, NEVER feed meat to your Venus Fly Trap, as they are incapable of digesting meat properly, and will rapidly die. This also applies to any other carnivorous plants that you may have. It’s best not to force feed them at all, as they will do quite fine without any insects, as they photosynthesize just like any other kind of plant. Insects are really just the (gross) icing on the cake for these guys.

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