Glass terrarium containers are hands-down the best choice of container for making your own terrarium. Glass containers are strong, beautiful, and they come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. In fact, some of the best terrariums we’ve ever seen were made in reclaimed and recycled glass containers that weren’t originally designed for terrariums or any kind of container gardening at all.

Glass containers offer the best balance between interesting styles and material strength, although if you have children or particularly rambunctious and inquisitive pets, they can quickly turn a beautiful terrarium into a pile of plants, dirt, and broken glass. Avoid this frustration by setting them high out of reach, or create a hanging terrarium using our handy DIY tutorial.

Choose a container that has thick glass, but not too thick, as you want the maximum amount of light to get in to reach your plants, and the thicker the glass, the more distorted they are likely to appear when you look in from the outside. It doesn’t matter if it is an open container or a closed container, because you can make terrariums in both styles.

Finding Glass Terrarium Containers

The best way to find truly unique glass containers is to keep your eyes out for them at all times. If you go to yard sales, you can find some real gems for a tiny fraction of the cost that you would have to pay in a store. The only downside to this approach is that it’s pretty  hit or miss – it can take a lot of yard sale visits before you manage to find an appealing container – but the few you DO find are probably going to be unlike anything else in the world.

Finding containers is also the best way to discover antiqued glass in intriguing shapes, so it’s worth it to keep a weather eye out for them, even if you don’t have a specific terrarium project in mind.

Buying Glass Terrarium Containers

We understand if you want to take a shortcut! Searching yard sales for glass containers can take forever, and if you want to get started on your terrarium project right away, then by all means, buy a container! One of the best sources for exciting and unique shapes is your local dollar store. As hard as it might be to believe, you’ll find an incredibly strange assortment of glass containers in almost every conceivable shape, and of course they are extremely cheap. The glass isn’t always the best quality, and it’s usually pretty thin, but if you’re careful during the construction of your terrarium, this won’t be a problem.

Here’s a great example of a hexagonal glass terrarium container, with a nice amount of growing room for any of the plants we discuss on this site! It’s also available in a larger size, if you’re hoping to build a bigger garden. They’re a bit pricy, so we’ve included a few more interesting options as well!

H Potter Six Sided Glass Terrarium Wardian Case Plant Container Succulent Planter

New From: $96.50 USD In Stock
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H Potter Glass Plant Terrarium Planter Container Wardian Case

New From: $289.50 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

If you don’t have a dollar store nearby, or the one nearby is too small and doesn’t have a good selection of glass containers, you can always check out our full store for the best terrarium supplies!

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